Transients trashing 29th & Cucharras
       I don't have to go down by Fountain Creek on Eighth and Highway 24 to see a transient campground. I have one directly outside my front gate on 29th Street (29th and Cucharras). In the summertime it's quite the gathering spot and overnight camp for groups of loud, drunk, obnoxious bums. In colder months its just a meeting place for the drunks and crackheads because of its relative seclusion and the lack of a properly working overhead city street light. I've never had a run-in with any of these folks, and they generally keep to themselves, but trash does build up and blows all over my fence line and the yelling and fighting gets real old. Add to this mixture a nearby liquor store, drug dealing, and some aggressive panhandlers, and it's quite a bad scene at times. Perhaps the homeless advocates who resist removing these folk on humanitarian and legal grounds should allow the Westside Pioneer to print their home addresses and we'll just relocate the homeless camps to their properties. It's real easy to be generous when it's not your back yard.
       I have no problem handing out a few bucks here and there, but there is a real potential for someone to get hurt or killed as well as the possibility of a large scrub brush fire from their camp fires which also occur near my house from time to time as well. I can't go set up a pup tent and a cook stove in Acacia Park and live there legally, so why are these people being allowed to break the law?
       Before I moved in here in October of 2007, my neighbors informed me my fenced-in house was a popular camping spot with bums sleeping on the porch overnight and my outside hose was vandalized last summer when someone got angry that the hose bib wasn't working. As usual, the city of Colorado Springs is doing as little as possible to resolve this problem and wishes to appease the folks who don't live here and don't have to deal with the nuisance on a daily basis.

Chuck Snow