Hente seeks re-election in District 1

       District 1 City Council member Scott Hente plans to seek another four-year term in Colorado Springs' April 7 election.
       The homebuilder and retired Air Force officer has held the position since 2003, when he won an interim election to complete Jim Null's term. He was re-elected in '05.
       District 1 covers the city's northwest quadrant, including Pleasant Valley and Westside areas north of Uintah Street.
       “I came real close to not running again,” said Hente, 55, who had surgeries in the last couple of years for prostate cancer and for a bad knee. “But I didn't feel like quitting with the city budget in a mess.”
       Not surprisingly, he listed “city financial issues in general” as the main point of his campaign. “I think the city is going to go through some tough times for the next couple of years,” he said. “I didn't want to walk out and say, 'You guys figure it out.' I felt an obligation to see it through.”
       One of his goals is finding “a more consistent revenue stream” than the sales tax, which fluctuates based on economic ups and downs. The property tax is one source that would be steadier, he said.
       “People say we should downsize government when the economy downsizes, but you can't get criminals to go along with that,” Hente added. “There aren't going to be fewer fires, and you can't talk God into making it snow less.”
       Regarding Westside issues, Hente continues to follow the progress of Stormwater Enterprise's plan for a multi-million-dollar upgrade of the Camp Creek ditch through Pleasant Valley. No expenditures are planned until 2010, but just having the project as a high stormwater priority is “good news,” he said.
       He's also proud of his part in beautifying the entrance to Pleasant Valley for northbound drivers on 31st Street - he helped the Pleasant Valley Neighbor-hood Association work with city staff.
       Another project, indirectly related to the Westside and city affairs, is Hente's efforts to legalize the much-used Manitou Incline as a hiking trail. The thinking is that Colorado Springs residents are major users; thus, the city has a certain obligation to help Manitou with the related traffic and parking problems, he explained.
       Hente and his wife Lyn live in the Mountain Shadows community and have two adult children.
       It is not known if Hente will have an opponent. The City Clerk's Office lists a “Nicholas Lee” as the other candidate, but the Palmer Park-area resident had not returned a phone call by press deadline. The cutoff for candidates to file is Feb. 13.

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