Holmes students study Greeks, then act the part

       A “Greekfest” featuring togas and ethnic food culminated a social studies unit on Greek civilization Jan. 23 at Holmes Middle School.
       The celebration, involving 56 seventh-grade students from two classes in the school's Elk Core, was coordinated by language arts/social studies teacher Edlyn Plute.
       “We were looking at the developments and accomplishments of ancient Greek civilizations and the aspects that have carried over into our society,” she said. “This was the culmination of the unit, with some extended learning from things that weren't in the book.”
        Breaking out into five-to-six-member research groups, the toga-clad students displayed their learning with presentations of different Greek cultural elements - drama, food, government, language, literature, word origins, constellations, the Olympics and science.
        The Greekfest was coordinated by Plute, with assistance from Lynn Sommers and several parents.

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