Banners a sign of merchants’ welcome

       Old Colorado City merchants have always wanted customers to feel welcome.
       There should be no doubt about that now, with the colorful new banners that went up last month.
        The brightly colored cloth signs, some of which will change with the seasons, are attached to poles on Colorado Avenue between 24th and 27th streets and on Highway 24 at the 21st and 26th street intersections.
       Erected by the merchant group - the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) - the banners are intended to make the historic shopping area “more distinctive,” OCCA President Nancy Stovall told the Westside Pioneer. “They set the three blocks off from other retail areas of Colorado Springs.”
       The year-round banners are the burgundy ones (as in the photo above) on the avenue at 24th and 27th streets and on the highway at 21st and 26th. The current seasonal banners are white on blue, with a Christmas/winter theme. In April, these will be replaced with banners advertising Territory Days, which the OCCA promotes annually on Memorial Day weekend.
       Summer and fall banners (still being designed) will follow seasonally, Stovall said.

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