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Customers can now buy popcorn (left) and taffy in Broncos colors from Patsy's.
Courtesy of Patsy's

Patsy's goes orange and blue for Super Sunday

       To honor the Denver Broncos making the Feb. 2 Super Bowl, Patsy's Candies has introduced taffy and popcorn in blue and orange colors.
       "We all just about jumped out of our skins when the Broncos beat the Patriots," said Si Niswonger, part of the family that owns the store. "I knew right away we had to get the shop ready."
       The candy-making and retail business at 1540 S. 21st St. has existed for 104 years, moving to its Westside location in 1976.
       Patsy's already had blue and orange colors for its other candy varieties, but doing the same for the taffy and popcorn took some time. The popcorn especially “proved to be a real challenge," Niswonger said.
       He is happy with the results, though. “I really feel we're doing our part to cheer on our boys in New Jersey," he said.

Westside Pioneer/press release
(Posted 1/26/14)