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In memoriam: Dr. Rev. Robert G. Dunbar, founder of Lighthouse Temple

         Dr. Robert G. Dunbar
Courtesy of the Lighthouse Temple
       A “home-going celebration service” will be held Sunday, Feb. 2, at 10:30 a.m. at the Lighthouse Temple, 111 N. 32nd St., for church founder Dr. Rev. Robert G. Dunbar, who passed away Jan. 27.
       “You are invited to join the Dunbar family and church body in remembering this powerful servant's life,” the obituary states.
       Known to his family as “R.G.” or “Papa,” Dr. Dunbar was born Feb. 13, 1927, in Milwaukee Wisconsin. After graduating from a Wyoming Bible college in 1946 (working as a cowboy to help cover his tuition), Dr. Dunbar served as a full-time minister until his complete retirement in April 2010, his obituary states.
       His wife Vernice preceded him in death in 2011, as did his sister Alyce.
       He and Vernice were married in 1947, after which they traveled the country as evangelist minsters for 12 years. Also during this time, three of their five children were born. According to an interview with Vernice in 2009, the family moved to Colorado Springs in 1959, inviting people to services inside a 30-foot-tall air structure that the Dunbars set up in a field just east of downtown.
       They later bought the church building at Weber and Platte and then built the Lighthouse Temple at its current location in 1968.
       Dr. Dunbar is survived by his children (in birth order), Susan D. Weixelman, (husband Jim), April D. Dunbar, Rev. Robert R. Dunbar, (wife Carol), Tammy D. Scott, (husband Chris) and Vernie L. Mesa (husband John).
       Robert R. Dunbar, who is now the pastor of Lighthouse Temple, will officiate the Feb. 2 service.
       “As a courtesy to the clergy of Colorado Springs, who he loved, there will be time to pay their last respects after their morning services between noon and 1:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon,” the obituary adds. “The family wants everyone to remember him as he was, so these will be closed casket services.”

Westside Pioneer/obituary
(Posted 1/29/14)