Westside schools:
West Elementary carnival Feb. 4

       In its second year, West Elementary will hold its second annual winter carnival Friday, Feb. 4.
       Featuring activities throughout the school - as well as the gym it shares with West Middle School - the event will be from 5:30 to 8 p.m.
       The public is welcome. Access is through the main elementary school entrance at 25 N. 20th St.
       Admission is free, but tickets must be purchased to get food or participate in various games with chances of prizes. The best deal on tickets is before the event - $10 for 60 tickets or $1 for 5. On the night of the carnival, tickets will cost $1 for 4.
       Before the 2010 carnival, school officials had been unsure how many people would attend, it being the first year for West Elementary. (The school had been created primarily with students from the attendance areas of two schools that District 11 had closed after 2008-2009: Whittier and Washington.)
       As it turned out, according to Martinez and teacher Angel Chavez, so many people came that school staff and volunteers could barely handle them all. That's why Chavez is happy that a parent-teachers organization (PTO) has now formed at West, which should mean more parents helping out.
       The carnival layout will be a little different this year, Martinez and Chavez said, with the popular cake walk and dance competitions being moved to roomier areas of the building,.
       Before its closure, Whittier had been known for putting on a big winter carnival as a school fundraiser. Two other West Elementary teachers who are leading the planning again this year are Denise Gutierrez and Cathy Houin, both of whom had taught there; Chavez, a former Washington teacher, said she used to go to those Whittier carnivals. “I loved them so much,” she said.
       For more information, call West Elementary at 328-4900.
       'Cello' - CHS one-act play
       The Coronado High Drama Department will perform a one-act play before a Westside audience in the school auditorium one night (Thursday, Feb. 3) and before judges the next day (Friday, Feb. 4).
       The 45-minute production is titled “You Don't Have to Feed a Cello,” written by Martin R. Collin and consisting of 16 student actors.
       Tickets for the Feb. 3 show are $3, available at the door. Coronado is at 1590 W. Fillmore St. A reception will follow for teachers, students and parents.
       The judging will occur Feb. 4 as Coronado goes up against 8 to 10 other high schools in the annual All City One Act Play competition, according to Elizabeth Kahn, school drama instructor. The event will be at Palmer Ridge High School, which is hosting it this year.

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