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Community invited to Feb. 4 Coronado Parent Forum on marijuana issues

       The community is invited to a Coronado Parent Forum titled “Marijuana and Your City: What You Must Know - Challenges Facing Your Student Today.”
       Featuring five sets of guest speakers over about one hour, followed by an equally long question/answer period, the free event will be in the Coronado High School auditorium, 1590 W. Filllmore St.. Wednesday, Feb. 4 from 6 to 8 p.m.
       The forum was called not because of any perceived drug problem at Coronado, but to “create awareness” about societal changes since Colorado voters legalized
An early-morning sun basks snow-laden Pikes Peak, as well as the east-facing walls of Coronado High School's auditorium (right) and its other buildings off Fillmore Street.
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marijuana by passing Amendment 64 in 2012, according to Emily Boehlke, a school volunteer who worked with school administrators to organize the event. “Now that marijuana is more accessible, we thought it would be good to bring information to parents about its pros and cons and the effects it has on adolescents,” she said.
       An event flyer identifies the scheduled speakers, summarizes their topics and gives short summaries about them:
       - Kenneth Finn, M.D. - speaking on health effects and concerns associated with cannabis use in adolescents and young adults. Finn is a pain management specialist and Manitou High parent who also served on the Governor's Task Force for Amendment 64.
       - Darvi Rahaman, M.D. - providing a recent history of medical and recreational marijuana and the associated Colorado laws, to include the Red Card and Amendment 64. Rahaman is a pediatrician and Coronado High parent.
       - Cathy Plush - discussing the aftermath of marijuana use and resources available to families dealing with recovery. Plush is co-founder of the Springs Recovery Connection.
       - Adam Romine - explaining marijuana paraphernalia in use today. Romine is with the Colorado Springs Police Department.
       - Lisa Taylor and son Kaleb - She is a D-49 parent and he is a recent high school graduate. Both have had “personal life experiences with marijuana,” the flyer states.
       Asked why the forum topic was selected, Boehlke said there have been a “couple of incidents” at the school this year involving vapor pens - devices which make it possible to smoke pot without emitting any smoke. Discussing the matter with Coronado Principal Darin Smith, “it got us thinking how many parents know what 'vape pens' look like and what they're used for,” she said.
       So that's a desired result from the forum: that parents and others come away from it knowing more about those devices, plus gaining other knowledge to help them “be on the alert and aware of what's out there,” Boehlke said.
       Her work on the forum is in her role as the school's family involvement team (FIT) coach. She is also on the PTA and the school's accountability committee, and has three children who previously graduated from Coronado and one who's now enrolled there. As the FIT coach - a volunteer position suggested for schools by District 11 - she said she works on ways to "help with the connectedness" of parents in their children's educational experience.

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(Posted 1/28/15; Schools: Coronado High School)

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