How it might have been during the Pike expedition

       The Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site sponsored a reenactment Jan. 22 of Zebulon Pike meeting with Colorado Indians during his expedition in 1806. An estimated 200 people came for the three-hour free event, presented as part of the area’s Pike bicentennial activities. ABOVE: Sharing a peace pipe in the middle are American Indians (from left) Austin Box, Keaton Naranjo, Alden Naranjo and Cahuilla Red Elk; and (in red hats, from left) local historian Mark Gardner as Pike and ranch manager Andy Morris as his aide-de-camp. The reenactment soldiers are actually dressed more warmly than Pike’s men, who, Morris noted, had only summer clothes when they were in this region during the wintertime. BELOW: A shot of a later meeting, showing the Indian lodges that were set up for the event.

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