EDITOR’S DESK: A winter to remember... if it ever leaves

       As winters go, this one definitely gets a capital W. Most of us, I think, have become a little spoiled in recent years... not much snow, a lot of warm days. We could go hiking, play sports, change the oil. Winter was more like a cool break from the less hardy seasons. Not this year. This is shaping up as one people will talk about in times to come. You know, the kind of conversation that goes, “You think this is bad? You ought to have been here in the winter of oh-7!” Not that it's so amusing now. The feedback we've been getting from businesses out on the streets has been worse than dismal. One long-time businessman told me he had his worst week in 20 years this month while another, who's been here two and a half years, said he'd just had his worst weekend ever. When we of this paper took our annual issue off the first week of January, we followed a plan we'd worked out a few weeks ago to drive to Las Cruces, New Mexico. First try was a no-go. Near-whiteout conditions turned us around at Walsenburg. We succeeded in reaching to Las Cruces three days later (where it snowed for the first time in nine years). Returning home on I-25, we almost got stopped at Walsenburg again - this time going the other way!
       Even kids aren't getting off easy this winter. Adding a half-hour to school days in District 11 because administrators are worried there will be too many snow days in the year? When has that ever happened before?
       And there's more snow on the way. I just checked the online forecast for 80904.
       The way I see it, there's two ways to look at this - either ultimate gloom or maybe, just maybe, we can brass our way through. A hot sun will come again, shoppers have to spend sometime. And shoveling makes us strong!
       Let it snow.

- K.J.