Sentinel appeal set for council Jan. 27

       A twice-delayed appeal of City Planning Commission's approval of the Sentinel Ridge project is now scheduled to go before City Council at its formal meeting Tuesday, Jan. 27.
       It is not known at this time where the item would be on the agenda, but the meeting will start at 1 p.m. in council chambers at the old City Hall, 107 N. Nevada Ave.
       The appeal by the Association of Mesa Neighborhoods and Friendship-Crescent-Mesa Neighborhood Association lists four specific issues with the Sunrise Company's proposed 88-home gated community on 28 acres southeast of Mesa Road and Fillmore Street. Petitions have been submitted with numerous signatures opposing the developer's traffic plan and proposed removal of the property's hillside overlay.
       In addition, recent e-mail communications indicate that the neighborhood groups would also like to see a reconsideration of Sunrise's master plan, which would allow up to 700 new homes through development proposals in different parts of roughly 2-by-3-mile area the development firm owns on the Mesa. Sentinel is one of two current proposals (the other is Cathedral Ridge, farther north on Mesa Road), and both of them diverge from the master plan that the city had worked out with the Hill family that formerly owned the area.
       “That's the direction a number of us are headed,” said Marj Webster, a Mesa-area resident. “Why is the developer piecemealing this when the whole development will have a huge impact on traffic, schools and the quality of life? And the issues could spill over to Pleasant Valley and Garden of the Gods Road. Seven hundred homes can have a huge impact.”
       Asked about the master plan revision possibility, James Mayerl, the city's lead Westside planner, said it was a “good question,” but such an action would require an initiative by Sunrise which has not occurred to date.

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