Mesa Springs to start meeting at Mercy Center

       The Mesa Springs Community Association agreed on a new place for its meetings Jan. 13. No longer able to afford the rent at Pike Elementary, the group will start convening at no charge at the Mercy Center, 1440 Cooper St.
       The association represents the roughly 700 households in the Mesa Springs area. Cutbacks have been necessary because the city is discontinuing the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program (which had included financial assistance to the association).
       The group is looking at additional ways to covers its costs or to reduce/eliminate them. Going into the meeting, the estimated total costs per year for the association were $474. Meanwhile, there are only 26 dues-paying members (at $5 a year).
       Mesa Springs President George Gravenstein said the Mercy Center had agreed to allow occasional association meetings in support of its neighborhood efforts. The first meeting at the new locale will be March 10, followed by one in May and another in October.
       Speakers from the city are being sought for the March and May meetings.

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