Chocolate reward for return of landmark business sign

       For about 20 years, a custom-made redwood sign at 25th Street and Colorado Avenue had let people know that the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store was behind the wall it was mounted on.
       But the sign was stolen - evidently in broad daylight the morning of Jan. 15 - and franchise owners Ron and Mazie Baalman would like it back (preferably in one piece).
       Whoever returns it will be rewarded in chocolate - $250 worth. Mazie estimates the value of the sign itself at up to $2,000. Trying to keep her sense of humor, she's working it in with an ongoing Old Colorado City promotional theme (“OMG, where's OCC?”). Her appeal, including the reward offer, was being posted temporarily on the wall this week where the old sign was: “OMG, where's OCC's RMCF sign?”
       A witness, who asked to remain anonymous, said she saw the sign being removed the morning of Jan. 15, sometime after 9 a.m., but didn't say anything because she assumed it was a Chocolate Factory project. She'd also seen someone casing out the sign's mountings a week or two earlier. She described the individual she saw as about 5-foot-9 and clean-cut.
       The sign appears to have been pried loose from the 20 some screws that were holding it in place.
       The Baalmans bought the Old Colorado City Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise nine years ago.

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