More room for mail
Public could get off-street parking at West End Station because of Carrier Annex project

       That big new building going up in the Midland area, just south of Highway 24 at Robinson and South 25th streets, is a new postal facility – but not for public use.
       The “West End Carrier Annex” is scheduled to begin operations over Memorial Day weekend, according to Sue Luck, manager of the U.S. Postal Service’s West End Station at 204 S. 25th St.
       The 10,000-square-foot building on 3 acres will be used to drop off mail which the station’s 21 carriers will pick up for their routes, she said. That process currently takes place in a space roughly half that size at the West End Station.
        “We’ve outgrown our space here,” Luck said.
       The only exception will be mail for the post office boxes, which will continue to be delivered directly to the station. The mail gets sorted at the General Mail Facility near Academy and Fountain boulevards, then is brought to the Westside in the mornings in three semi-trucks, she said.
       When the Annex is done, these trucks will take the mail there; at the end of the day, trucks will drive off with any outgoing mail the carriers picked up from their routes.
       The only impacts on service are that certain routes may have a different order of delivery and, while undeliverable parcels can still be picked up at the West End station, they won’t be available till the next day.
       The Midland area will have some increase in traffic, as a result of the mail-delivery semis and the carriers.
        The public could see one side benefit from the Annex project. Because fewer employees will be at the Westend Station - only five, with the carriers gone – the employee parking lot in back of the station could be opened up to the public, with about 20 spaces available, Luck said. No off-street parking currently exists at the station.
       She noted, however, that this public parking plan is “not finalized” as yet.
       The construction is being accomplished by FCI Constructors of Longmont, from a design by Merrick and Co. of Denver. Both firms specialize in postal construction, according to George Carter, project superintendent for FCI.
       Carter said the project included the demolition of an old, one-time grocery store at the site and the importation of 11,000 cubic yards (more than 500 semi loads) of fill dirt, which raised the land by 5 feet under the building pad to address flood-plain concerns.
        The building, with a concrete block exterior featuring an “aggregate look,” includes special security enhancements, Carter said. “It seems like a box, but there’s a lot of stuff that’s in there,” he said.
       The employees will access the lot from an entrance off 25th Street, while the delivery trucks will come in from Robinson Street, Carter said.

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