Kudos to our councilman

       Here’s something that’s got to be high on the list of the-last-things-you’d-want-to-have-happen-to-you: A sewer backup into your house. Not only do you have an unmentionable mess – fraught with health hazards – but when you go to the Colorado Springs Utilities Department, you’re told you have to pay for the clean-up.
       In the case of five homes onWest Bijou Street this past week, the collective bill for that nightmare is more than $15,000.
        Fortunately for these residents, District 3 Councilman Jerry Heimlicher came riding to the rescue, persuading fellow council members to consider not only covering those costs – in part because the city’s culpability with its sewer main can’t be utterly disproven – as well as to take a more proactive position on cleaning the city’s mains in the future.
       Way to represent, Mr. Councilman.

- K.J.