Recognition for valor at Whittier Elementary

       Major Henry (Duke) Boswell shakes hands with Student Council member Shane Hall at a ceremony in honor of the World War II/Korean War veteran who also taught at Whittier from 1971 to 1986. “Thank you for serving our country,” Hall said to Boswell. Other council members, each of whom also shook hands with Boswell, are in the background. To the right of Boswell, a Westside resident whose missions as a paratrooper included a jump during D-Day, is his wife, Maxine. Other family members are seated around him. While teaching at Whittier, he had donated a display case, which now includes an American flag he secured from Congressman Joel Hefley that had flown over the nation’s capitol on the 50th anniversary of D-Day. “If other people see it (the flag), it helps them remember the past and the people who sacrificed,” Boswell said. “If they don’t remember, they’ll probably repeat the same things.”

Westside Pioneer photo