How much should be done for Honeylocust?

       Colorado Springs Parks crews will start making monthly visits to the open space on Honeylocust Court in response to neighborhood concerns. Work will include mowing “a swipe along the curb,” as needed and checking for trash, according to City Parks Maintenance Manager Kurt Schroeder.
       This level of attention, while better than before, is still not sufficient, according to Colorado Springs City Council member Scott Hente, who asked at the Jan. 11 council meeting that the matter be made a future discussion item for council.
       Honeylocust Court, in Hente's district, is off Friendship Lane south of King Street. The east side of Honeylocust - above a small hill - once sported houses, but land movement made them uninhabitable a few years ago. After the houses were removed, “the city took over the land and the area has gotten a little trashy and weed infested,” Hente told the Westside Pioneer. “As a builder here in town, I'm required to keep my vacant lots neat - it seems the city should have the same obligation.”

Westside Pioneer article