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Transit proposal includes changes to Routes 2, 4 & 14 through Westside; meetings scheduled

A map, provided online by City Transit Services, shows the proposed detour for Route 4 to avoid the upcoming two-year project that will build a new Cimarron/I-25 interchange. The changes would replace Cascade Avenue and Cimarron Street with Eighth/Limit Street and Colorado Avenue.
Courtesy of City Transit Services
       City bus routes 2 and 14, which travel between the downtown and Garden of the Gods Road, would be slightly shortened to save time, as part of several proposed service changes by City Transit Services.
       Another change that would directly affect Westside riders is temporarily realigning part of Route 4 away from the Cimarron/I-25 interchange. That's because a project to replace that interchange is scheduled to start later this year and last through 2017, a press release states.
       City Transit plans five public meetings on all the proposed changes in a four-day span (Jan. 26-29). Comments will be accepted through Jan. 30.
       Other routes that would be affected are 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 34. The service changes are planned to take effect April 5, according to Transit spokesperson Vicki McCann.
       The closest meeting location for Westsiders will be at the Pikes Peak Workforce Center in the Citizens Service Center, 1675 Garden of the Gods Road, Tuesday, Jan. 27 from noon to 1:30 p.m.
       Here are more details on the Westside-related route changes:
       - Routes 2 and 14 - Staggered a half-hour apart, both routes run hourly during the daytime (with Route 2 also operating on Saturdays). Going outbound from the downtown terminal - and retracing the same streets inbound - Route 2 takes I-25 to Fontanero, then Chestnut Street, Fillmore Street and Centennial Boulevard (and includes a stop at the Lindstrom VA Clinic on Fillmore Hill). Route 14 follows Walnut, Chestnut and then neighborhood streets in Holland Park. Each route has a stop near the end of its outbound segment at the Citizens Service Center.
       The proposed change for both routes is to eliminate the last (identical) parts of their outbound segments - a loop west of the Service Center, which uses Arrowswest Drive to start inbound (back towards downtown) on Garden of the Gods Road.
       Not having to drive that loop “could save approximately four minutes [for each route] and help improve on-time performance,” McCann said.
       As a new way of turning around to start back inbound, the 2 and 14 buses would use a roundabout on the street just inside the Service Center campus. The only potential drawback is that El Paso County needs to make improvements to the roundabout, which could delay its bus use beyond the planned April 5 service-change date, she said.
       The proposal additionally shows that the Arrowswest service would be picked up on an hourly basis by Route 34, which covers the Garden of the Gods Road/Austin Bluffs Parkway area.
       - Route 4 - This bus runs hourly in the daytime between the downtown and Broadmoor Hotel, including Cimarron and South Eighth streets. To stay clear of the upcoming interchange work, the proposed Route 4 detour would use Colorado Avenue (instead of Cimarron) between the downtown and Eighth/Limit streets. The stops on the added avenue segment would be the same as those for Route 3, McCann said.
       For more information, call City Transit at 385-RIDE (7433), or e-mail transitinfo@springsgov.com. The website link for the proposed service changes is at http://transit.coloradosprings.gov.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 1/21/15; Transportation: Transit)

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