OCCA seeks to expand recycling efforts

       The Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) merchants group is urging its members to begin using a recycling service that will come into businesses to pick up their recylables.
       Leading the effort is Mountain Moppets, 2532 W. Colorado Ave. “We get an accumulation of cardboard boxes,” explained Page Wesley, whose mother, Ginny Wesley, has owned the store for more than 20 years. “Every time I'd throw them away, I'd feel guilty.”
       So Page began calling around, finally choosing All Ways Recycle, a small Westside operation that was willing to work with each store. She is also in the process of contacting different Old Colorado City businesses to get them on board. “I'm going to try to talk them into it,” Page said. “It's a benefit to the environment.” Plus, she added, there is a group discount if a certain number of businesses sign up.
       Mike Dabroski, owner of All Ways, said he would set up a pickup weekly schedule for each merchant. “I'd basically be customizing it for every business,” he said.
       In addition to cardboard, he takes office paper, junk mail, magazines, newsprint, cardboard, aluminum cans and plastic (1 and 2 only).
       “Think about all the waste you throw away that could be recycled,” advises a recent OCCA newsletter.
       For more information, call Mountain Moppets at 633-3473 or All Ways Recycle at 205-8399.

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