Mesa Springs’ ‘05 CDBG work going out to bids

       Construction of five sidewalk projects in the Mesa Springs neighborhood - delayed from 2005 - is now expected to take place this spring.
       Depending on how high contractor bids come in (tentatively this month), the work will use some or all of the $104,000 balance of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for the city's Mesa Springs Strategy Area.
       The projects will fill in stretches of sidewalk, according to Brad Lovell, who coordinates strategy area work for the city. The targeted areas are:
  • Mesa Valley Road from Chestnut Street to Melany Lane.
  • North side of Harrison Street from Chestnut Street to Green Ridge Drive.
  • Two missing sections on Parker Street.
  • South side of Taylor St. where missing between Parker and Sage streets.
  • North side of Columbia Street between Cooper Avenue and Chestnut Street.
According to Lovell, the work got delayed during the summer because of the heavy demand on city engineering time for Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) projects and then during the fall because of material shortages related to hurricane damage. He said he hopes the necessary engineering work can be completed this month to allow the work to go out to bids.
       “I'm pleased to hear that,” commented George Gravenstein, president of the Mesa Springs Community Association, which had met with Lovell last spring to prioritize the list of neighborhood sidewalk needs.
       The CDBG year 2006 (which will start in April) will be Mesa Springs' last as a Strategy Area; the city told the association this news a year ago.

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