Revised Holland Park bus route one of city’s most popular

       The near Westside bus to and from Holland Park has always been a popular route, and this trend is continuing two months after being enhanced as part of the switch to the Mountain Metro Transit system.
       Now titled Route 14, the bus still follows the same streets through the Westside, but continues from Garden of the Gods Road to UCCS and the East Library off Union Boulevard.
       “There are quite a few folks who travel east to the library,” said Corrine Donahue of Mountain Metro. The UCCS connection reflects an effort by the regional bus service to expand its service for students, she added.
       Bolstered by funds from the voter-approved Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) tax, the bus also runs more frequently than before - on the half-hour on weekdays from about 5:30 to 9 a.m. and from 3 to 6:15 p.m., as well as hourly on Saturdays from about 6:30 a.m. to 6:15 p.m.
       On an average day now, there are about 650 trips, Donahue said.
       Picking up the 14 bus on Spruce Street, just north of Bijou Street, on a recent Saturday morning, a rider found about 15 people already on board. Most of them had gotten on at the downtown station, the driver said. They were of varying ages and spread throughout the bus.
       One man was reading a book. A younger man sat on one of the front side seats with his daughter, who was placidly eating potato chips. A couple of seats away was a woman holding a sleeping baby.
       The bus rumbled north on Spruce, jogged over to Walnut Street and (north of Uintah Street) jogged again, over to Chestnut Street. People got out at a few locations, but only one more person got in. At the seemingly endless Uintah light, a brief conversation broke out between the man with his daughter and the woman with her baby.
       “I should have taken a cab,” the man said.
       “The bus takes forever,” the woman said.
       “But then I'd pay $25 instead of $1.25,” he said.
       (Note: Buses now take dollar bills. However, come prepared with change to pay the exact 95-cent price for a child. Buses still don't give change.)
       Crossing Fillmore on Chestnut included a startling thump. When this was noted to Donahue later, she commented, “You mean they haven't fixed that dip in the intersection yet?”
       The bus turns left at Holland Park Boulevard and right on Vondelpark Drive, then right onto Centennial Boulevard and past the West Wind shopping center. From there, the 14's standard route takes it north on Centennial, where it loops around to 30th Street and Garden of the Gods Road before continuing crosstown to UCCS and the East Library.
       Under the Metro route changes, the UCCS stop also now serves as a transfer station. This allows Route 14 riders to catch the Route 9 bus (going downtown by way of Cascade Avenue or the Route 20 bus (going downtown by way of the Citadel shopping center). On evenings and Sundays, transfers are additionally possible to Route 20 (going to the Citadel in a somewhat circuitous manner)

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