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Letter: Wide-open panhandling 'sure way to increase crime'

       I know I for one wish these laws would stay on the books and be enforced [see article, "Mayor, council grapple with proposed laws that avoid singling out panhandlers"], posted on the Westside Pioneer website Jan. 16, 2016]. I don't like feeling like I need to be armed just to go to the grocery store when I'm approached in the parking lot by strangers being pushy and coming up with excuses to beg for money. Or sitting at a light having strangers come to my window. How do I know they won't assault me? I don't.
       Getting rid of not only the enforcement of laws that keep people safe, and then flat-out deleting them from the books is a sure way to increase the crime and self-defense records. The only good thing is I'm sure I won't be carjacked because my truck is old enough no thief would want it.

       Miranda Grall

(Posted 1/18/16; Opinion: Letters)

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