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Highly visible grading work for Gold Hill Mesa development's Filing 7

       Graders are at work preparing a nearly 10-acre hilltop area for new homes in Gold Hill Mesa.
       According to Barry Brinton, land manager for the major development north of Lower Gold Camp Road and east of 21st Street, the cutting and filling on the eastern portion of the property is likely to continue through late February.
       The earthwork is on an elevated part of the 210-acre property, in close proximity to - and in some cases rising above - the established
In a photo taken from Gold Claim Terrace, a street in the Crown Hill Mesa neighborhood, a grader can be seen at work on Gold Hill Mesa's adjacent Filing 7.
Westside Pioneer photo
Crown Hill Mesa neighborhood just to the east, off Lower Gold Camp.
       The operation is also visible from areas even farther away, such as Eighth Street. “It's up so high, you can definitely see it,” Brinton said.
       After the grading, underground utilities will be laid, with an eye to start building homes by springtime on 53 lots, he said.
       Included in that effort will be the eastward extension of Gold Hill Mesa Drive, Cresson Mine Drive and Lady Campbell Drive, plus construction of a new north-south road named Mayflower Street. These are all public streets.
       The project area is formally defined as the 9.64-acre Filing 7.
       The filing's development plan, along with related applications, is still under consideration by City Land Use Review. However, Michael Turisk, the planner assigned to the project, said he sees no serious problems and the applications can be administratively approved. He also noted that a neighborhood meeting to share the basic plans had been held by the developer last September.
       Brinton pointed out that the development gained approval to start grading beforehand, so as to be ready for homebuilding with as little delay as possible. That strategy has been used throughout the development's 10-year building history, with close to 300 homes now in place.
       The Filing 7 area, along with additional Gold Hill acreage farther to the east and north (including the “rill hill” visible from Highway 24), has been conceptually approved for houses for a number of years.
       The Gold Hill ownership group has no specific plans yet for the rest of that land, Brinton said, but a Project Description that's part of the current submittal reveals an intent for fewer homes than were once envisioned because of “steep topographic” concerns.
       In addition to the current Filing 7 grading, Gold Hill is continuing construction on 87 homes in Gold Hill's Filings 4 and 5, around the northeast corner of Lower Gold Camp Road and 21st Street.

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(Posted 1/22/16, updated 1/28/16; Land: (Construction)

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