Appreciated article on project plan
       As a longtime Westside neighbor living near the open space by Fillmore Street and Mesa Road. I would like to thank you for publishing information regarding the proposed development there (Sentinel Ridge) in the Jan. 10 Westside Pioneer.
       A proposal such as the one submitted by the Sunrise Company is deeply concerning to me as that area includes a vital wetlands ecosystem as well as a foothills habitat for many forms of wildlife. It is also a place where many neighbors like me go to walk their dogs and get some fresh air. These are just a few of the many problems this development is imposing.
       Much of the Westside is seeing backfill developments such as this one, with the Gold Hill Mesa property bearing the brunt of the trend. I feel that in this case, such a development would be a costly loss, not only to the fragile environment of the area but to the character of the Westside itself.
       I look forward to reading more information about this issue and attending neighborhood meetings. Once again, I thank the Westside Pioneer for finding these articles and making them known to readers.

Edie Adelstein