Good crowd at paper’s party

       Thanks to the hospitality of the Old Colorado City History Center and assistance from the Old Colorado City Library, a five-year party for the Westside Pioneer went off smoothly Jan. 11.

Displaying the “W” sign (for “Westside”), people enjoy the Westside Pioneer’s five-year anniversary Jan. 11 in the OCC History Center.
Westside Pioneer photo

       An estimated 150 people dropped by during the 1 ½-hour event, which included cake, sandwiches, punch, speeches, gifts from the History Center and library, a trivia contest and more cake. Many of the attendees took time to say kind things to the staff and/or write complimentary notes.
       Entities that were represented included Fire Station 5, Friends of Red Rock Canyon, Garden of the Gods Visitor Center, Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) merchants group, Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN), Mesa Springs Community Association and Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association, as well as other business people and Westsiders involved in schools, churches and various volunteer activities.
       City Councilman Jerry Heimlicher told those on hand that he values the Pioneer's “passion and integrity” and even on occasions when he and the editorial staff have disagreed, his positions have been reported accurately.
       In her speech, County Commissioner/Westsider Sallie Clark praised the paper for its Westside focus, and said that in contrast to other publications, whatever is reported in the Pioneer is “likely to be true.”
       The Jordan family owns and publishes the weekly paper. Full-time staffers are Kenyon Jordan, editor/ writer/ photographer; and Therese Jordan, advertising and finance director, lead proofreader and assistant photographer. Older son Travers Jordan handles most of the circulation, assists with proofreading, maintains the website and provides on-call technical support, while younger son Rioux Jordan, a Coronado High School student, helps out when needed.
       One trivia question was when the Westside Pioneer first published (answer: Jan. 5, 2004). Another asked people to guess the total number of news articles the Pioneer generated in its first five years (answer: 5,275).

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