OWN election/meeting Jan. 22 at West

       The annual election for seats on the volunteer Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) board will be Thursday, Jan. 22 at 7 p.m. at the West Intergenerational Center, 25 N. 20th St.

The boundaries of the six Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) areas are shown. (Note 1: The darker shading of Area 3 is just an abnormality of the graphic. Note 2: Parts of Areas 1 and 3 are cut off for space reasons) Cimarron Street/ Highway 24 is the line that separates Area 1 from the other areas. The election at the Jan. 22 meeting at the West Center will decide one At-Large seat and the representation for Areas 2 and 4.
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       Anyone who is a resident of the city-designated OWN “strategy area” can attend and vote.
       Also on the agenda will be a presentation by City Planner Ryan Tefertiller about a draft city proposal for “form-based” code that could streamline reviews of some construction projects by pre-establishing standards that are considered compatible with a neighborhood, he explained this week. OWN President Welling Clark said he hoped that a beneficial result could be an end to the current situation in which so many Westsiders have older homes that are “nonconforming” under modern codes. As a result, they have to pay for costly variances just to replace existing uses such as garages or decks.
       Open in the OWN election this year are the Area 2 and Area 4 seats and one of the three at-large seats (At-large 3). Each is for three years. The OWN board has nine members in all.
       Area 2 is bounded by Uintah Street, Manitou Boulevard, 14th Street, Highway 24 and 21st Street. Area 4 is bounded by Uintah, 21st, Highway 24, 25th Street, King Street and 19th Street. However, OWN has a bylaw exemption (currently applied to Areas 1 and 3) that allows board members to serve areas they don't live in as long as there are no candidates from those areas.
       OWN is the city-recognized advocacy group for the older Westside.
       People can come to the meeting and become candidates or contact OWN to be interviewed by a Nominating Committee. For more information, call OWN board member Amy Filipiak at 471-4740 or e-mail Clark at welling80904@yahoo.com.
       In other OWN news… Starting with the Jan. 22 membership meeting, the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) board is reversing its former meeting format: The OWN board will meet on the second Thursday of the month, with membership meetings (to which residents are invited) on the fourth Thursday, when scheduled.

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