Support for Whittier Elementary
       I read the Westside Pioneer all the time and really love it. My husband, son and I just moved to the Westside this summer. I love this side of town and wouldn't live anywhere else.
       I am dismayed to learn that my son's school, Whittier, is on the possible list for closures. They tell me that the school has been on this kind of list before and nothing happened. I hope that is the case now, however his teachers tell me that it might be more serious.
       I sent an e-mail to all of the school board members last week, and I did attend the Jan. 8 meeting at Coronado, although I was not able to stay. I plan on attending the school board hearing Feb. 11 and voicing my opinion.
       I wholeheartedly agree with your Jan. 8 Editor's Desk column that ....our little schools on the Westside have come to be like the glue that holds neighborhoods together... I agree that the community needs the neighborhood school for its identity. I want to see Whittier stay as a neighborhood school and not be closed. I think it's important for community morale to have a local school in the neighborhood. The classes are smaller and the school itself is not as frightening of an experience for a first time student, new to the school. We love it because we live four blocks away and can easily come to events that the school has and in the spring we can walk to school. From the minute my kindergarten-age son started at Whittier, we have had nothing but a positive experience.
       I would encourage you to keep on covering this issue and to do all that you can to discourage the district from doing this. Thank you for your support of neighborhood schools like Whittier.

Joanna Snyder