Temporary ramp, avenue lane losses in COSMIX follow-up

       Follow-ups on the I-25 COSMIX project mean work on short sections of Colorado Avenue and the I-25 southbound on-ramp at Bijou Street. Work in these areas will continue through the end of this month, depending upon weather and other factors, according to Michele Majeune of Rockrimmon Constructors,
       Additionally, work on a short section of northbound I-25 (north of Garden of the Gods to North Nevada Ave) which had been temporarily suspended will resume around Jan. 15 and continue through March, she said. Work will allow warranty repairs to the highway concrete surface, Majeune said. Traffic lanes will be temporarily shifted to accommodate the work, and speeds reduced to 45 mph.
       On the Bijou southbound on-ramp, the left lane will be closed, with traffic directed to the ramp's right lane. Slope and ditch paving will be constructed along the ramp to reduce maintenance needs.
       On eastbound Colorado Avenue under the I-25 bridge, the left lane will be closed. Work will involve cutting and widening the raised median surrounding the bridge piers to keep vehicles farther from the piers.

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