EDITOR’S DESK: We live in stimulating times

       So let me see. We are in such an economic funk here on the Westside, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, that the only answer is to... borrow money from ourselves and then divvy it back out in an “economic stimulus” from Washington, D.C., that will pay for roads, bridges etc. that we couldn't afford before.
       Finally, we dutifully count the people who build these projects, even if they may have been gainfully employed already, and trumpet these numbers as "jobs created by the stimulus."
       Now, I'm not trying to single out the new presidential administration for abuse; the bailouts that the Bush gang previously blessed seem to fall into the same category. But will any of it work? I saw a cartoon on this theme somewhere... can't recall the message exactly, but the basic scene was Uncle Sam looking at his tattered image in a mirror and promising it that everything would be OK because he was coming to his own rescue. This, from the guy whose politicizing of the financial world had a lot to do with causing the mess in the first place.
       In any case, it was somewhat of an out-of-body experience at the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) meeting this week to watch our local civic leaders labor so feverishly on strategies to help our region corner as many of the anticipated economic-stimulus greenbacks as possible. On the one hand, I wanted to tell them how much I as a citizen appreciate their concern. On the other hand, I kept wondering, when in the future I drive along some local stimulus-funded highway, and I know that it was part of things getting worse instead of better, will I think how smooth it drives or that maybe some of these local leaders ought to have stood up and just said no?...
       Not to change the subject (actually, I'd prefer to), but thanks to all of you who dropped by our fifth-anniversary party Sunday at the History Center. My favorite story line: A good time was had by all.

- K.J.