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ArtSports athletes attend nationals

       The following athletes have received invitations to attend the National
       Testing for the JumpStart Program of USA Gymnastics and will represent ArtSports, a private gym at 780 Vondelpark Drive, Jan. 24-25 in Tulsa, Okla.:
  • Age 7-8 division - Jessica Stevens.
  • Age 9-10 division - Ryan Kight, Dominic McCarron, and Scott Autry.
           They will be acccompanied by their ArtSports coach, Tex Womack.
           Also invited, but not attending will be Jalliyah Morgan, age 11-12 division.
           Three Westside studios will join others in Colorado Springs for the annual Yogaday USA Saturday, Jan. 24.
           The day is a national celebration of yoga, sponsored by the Yoga Alliance, and all yoga classes that day are free with a donation to charity, according to Pat Gulya of Dancing Hearts Studio.
           The participating Westside yoga studios are Dancing Hearts, 2828 W Colorado Ave. (phone 685-1100); Om & Garden Yoga Studio, 2616 W Colorado Ave. (phone 761-3300) and Westside Yoga & Massage, 2812 W Colorado Ave suite 200B (phone 641-3134).

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