Bancroft Cabin ready for next 145 years

       Although the structure looks much the same to the casual passerby, the venerable log cabin in Bancroft Park underwent a recent $91,290 renovation.
       The Old Colorado City History Society took a lead role in the effort, which involved obtaining a grant from the state and matching funds from the city of Colorado Springs. The cabin was built in 1859 as part of the original Colorado City development effort.
       According to the society, the work included a new concrete foundation, a splash plate to deflect water from the foundation in the future, flooring, wiring, electric heat, front porch with portable handicapped access and log repair/replacement. In addition, the old (but non-original) fireplace and chimney were replaced with new units in the style of the time in which the cabin was built.
       The cabin is perhaps best known from 1862, during the brief time that Colorado City was the Territorial Capitol and the cabin was used for caucuses when the first Territorial Legislature met there.
       A ceremony for the refurbished cabin, at which many attendees dressed in period clothing, was held last month.
       The society is raising money from sales of numbered pieces of the old cabin logs.

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