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Next meeting set, pro/con public comments released on Camp Creek drainage

The above is Page 4 of the Camp Creek Drainage Improvement Project newsletter for January. The newsletter was produced by the City of Colorado Springs.
Courtesy of City Engineering
       A date has been set for the next public meeting on planning improvements to the Camp Creek drainage.
       The meeting (like the first two last October and December) will be Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. in the cafeteria at Coronado High School.
       Also recently provided is a summary of the “like” and “dislike” feedback to the five conceptual drainage fixes that had been presented for discussion at the December meeting.
       The flood-control study is being coordinated by a project team led by City Engineering with a hired consultant, Wilson & Company, and its subconsultants. The planning work is being funded by the city; no construction funds have been budgeted as yet.
       The third meeting had tentatively been set for January, but the city decided more time was needed to finalize flow-rate data for the drainage, according to Kim Melchor of City Communications. The rate is key to gaining a more exact idea of how extensive the upgrade work must be to handle a 100-year flood, engineers explained in December.
       Two tables - one summarizing the five concepts and another the public feedback to them - appear with related information in a four-page online newsletter produced this month by the project team. The newsletter is now posted on the city's Camp Creek website page at http://www.springsgov.com/campcreek.
       Three of the concepts suggested enlarging the existing ditch through Pleasant Valley and two proposed replacing it with a covered culvert. Detention work in the area of the Garden of the Gods and Rock Ledge Ranch could reduce the amount of work needed in Pleasant Valley, engineers also explained.
       No consensus emerged on any of the concepts at the December meeting, and this impression is underlined by the “like/dislike” table, which notes in bullet points (along with some favorable points) the potential flaws in each idea.
       For example, Concept C, which would upgrade the current, concrete-lined ditch through Pleasant Valley, is praised on the “like” side for moving the bike lanes into a ditch-side trail and potentially being made “aesthetically pleasing.” But those on the “dislike” side criticize it as the continuation of an “open ditch” that would now require “ugly” walls for flood control, would necessitate “major excavation” for storm detention on the Rock Ledge Ranch and Garden of the Gods properties and might present issues for bikes crossing streets.
       Starting in the Rampart Range area to the northwest and continuing through the Garden of the Gods and Pleasant Valley neighborhood en route to Fountain Creek, Camp Creek has been identified as a particularly vulnerable drainage to flooding, especially after the loss of mountain vegetation in the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire.

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(Posted 1/13/14)