New streetlights starting to go up in Old Town

       Colorado Springs Utilities began installing the new historic-style streetlights in Old Colorado City Jan. 10.
       The work, which requires closing off a lane in the traffic block being worked on, is expected to continue for about two weeks, according to Jim Thomas, field engineering supervisor for Utilities.
       The installation culminates nearly 10 years of planning efforts by the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District, according to Judy Kasten, who chairs the district's advisory committee.
       “We're real excited to see it finally happening,” she said. “I think everybody is happy about the new look. We haven't heard any negative comments.”
       The work plan calls for crews to work west along the north side of Colorado Avenue (including side streets to the alleys) between 24th and 27th streets, then move to the south side of the avenue, Thomas said.
       In all, 41 new lights are being installed, including 7 new ones and 34 to replace city lights that have been in place for about 50 years. The new lights, which are unique in the region, are shorter (14 feet tall) than the old lights, with black poles and historically styled twin globes.
       A ceremony to commemorate the new lights is being considered by the district committee, but nothing is planned at this time. Kasten said the committee may talk about it at their next meeting Jan. 19.
       The district shared the $127,000 cost of the lights with Utilities, paying $97,000 of the total.

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