Police Beat: Meth lab causes fire, displaces 2 children

       Two relatively minor fires on the Westside occurred for very different reasons around the New Year.
       At 2512 W. Monument St. Dec. 30, a fire was started as the result of a methamphetamine lab located near the water heater and furnace. Police have since arrested David A. Nicks on felony counts of possessing and making methamphetamines. He has also been charged with felony child abuse because two children were living in the house at the time, according to Lt. Al Harmon of Colorado Springs Police.
       Because of the chemical toxicity, the house has been closed off and the children are now living elsewhere, Harmon said. The County Department of Human Services was contacted to provide assistance with the children.
       He said the fire was touched off by fumes from the meth lab. The worst damage was to the kitchen area and the room below the kitchen, Harmon said.
       Two days later, the Colorado Springs Fire Department was dispatched to 1026 Market St. to put out a fire in an outlying shed. Investigators found that the fire had been started by a 41-year-old male resident of the house, who had started the fire by spraying WD-40 on a blanket and lighting it with a butane lighter as part of a dispute with others in the house. He was arrested on a charge of first-degree arson.

Westside Pioneer article from online city police blotter