EDITOR’S DESK: Theft of historic plaque – a new low

       Does it ever seem like the bad guys are winning? It was irritating - not to mention weird - when streetlights started becoming inoperative because thieves were pulling the copper right out of the poles. But this latest theft (assuming that all the unfortunate indications turn out to be true) cuts to the heart of who we are as a community. Can you imagine being so self-centered, insensitive and truly deranged as to steal a 76-year-old plaque that ties us to the earliest history of our part of town, for no reason other than that bronze is currently a valuable metal?... And then to cut it into little pieces (so the metal dealer won't suspect the truth) and presumably pocket a few hundred dollars for your trouble? Now, I've been told by police that a lot of the people doing this stuff are feeding methamphetamine habits. How pathetic is that? And yet there they are, getting away with the systematic destruction of our quality of life and the things we treasure.
       What adds to the frustration is that there seems to be no way of reversing this trend. Here we are, in what's now being called the Great Recession (they're giving it capital letters now), when every dollar looms as crucial, when no small business goes unpunished, when volunteers perform what used to be known as "jobs" and when the local taxes we're paying are giving us back nothing like what we used to see. No flowers in the medians, minimal road improvements, outright neglect of places like No Man's Land/Adams Crossing and, saddest of all, limited police responses to citizen concerns. The people who live in front of the stone slab that held the 1936 plaque were still waiting this week for the Police Department to get back to them - not with clues to the mystery, mind you, merely to provide a case number!
       I'm sorry about the tenor of this week's column. I usually have no trouble ginning up some angle that might be considered (at least by some) as upbeat and cheery. Let's try it now. The Broncos are (amazingly enough) still in the playoffs. Go, Tebow! I'm also impressed with local government's all-inclusive public outreach on the Fillmore project. And yes indeed, it never stops being a joy to live in Colorado. Now, if only someone would catch those blasted thieves. It's time the good guys won again.

- K.J.