Yay! Library has its front steps back

       Front steps? What front steps?
       After the barricades finally came down this week, Old Colorado City Library staff had to start reminding people that the side entrance was no longer the only way in.
       “Some of our regulars had gotten used to the way it was,” Library Manager Julianne Rist said. “We'd tell them, 'Did you know the steps are open?' And they'd say, 'Really?' And then they'd go out the front door.”
       Technically, she noted, the step work is not complete. The problem since last July has been obtaining the correct sandstone. Irregular pieces have been installed for the second and third steps from the bottom.
       “Because it's been taking so long, we temporarily cemented them in so we can use the front doors,” Rist explained.
       The first quarry could not supply the necessary pieces, so a second quarry is now being scoured. It is not known how long that will take. “That's one of the reasons we went in and did this,” she said.
       The incorrectness is not that obvious. “The grouting is larger, and the color is slightly off,” she said. “I would say most people won't know when we come in and swap them out.”
       The work was part of Phase 1 of a preservation project - funded with donations and grants - whose plans took shape in 2004 in conjunction with the 100-year anniversary of the donation of the library to to Colorado City by Andrew Carnegie.
       Sandstone was chosen for the steps because that was the material used in its original construction. That kind of rock is notorious for being difficult to cut, Rist said, “but nobody knew it would be this hard to get pieces this size.”
       The extra expense has been absorbed by the contractor, subcontractor and quarry, she added.

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