Temporary sidewalk signs targeted in Code Enforcement sweep

       Colorado Springs Code Enforcement made a sweep for illegal temporary signs along Colorado Avenue, Eighth Street and Uintah Street last week.
       The outcome included 14 businesses on Colorado Avenue between 8th and 27th streets getting warnings and being told to remove signs (commonly sandwich signs), and a jewelry business having its sign confiscated, according to Ken Lewis, Code Enforcement adminstrator.
       No citations were issued, he said.
       The sweep occurred after Code Enforcement, a branch of the Police Department, responded to a complaint of signs blocking the sidewalk at a restaurant near Eighth Street. According to Lewis, the officer then decided to check for problems up the avenue.
       On Eighth Street, 14 signs were removed. Some were signs that had been placed in the median; they were not necessarily for shops in the vicinity, he noted.
       On Uintah Street, officers had to remove the kinds of temporary, non-local advertising signs that typically “plaster” the hill west of I-25, Lewis said.
       The rule for temporary signs in front of businesses is that they are allowed to be put out from noon Friday to noon Monday, as long as they don't block the sidewalk. At other times, they can only be there if the merchant buys a permit from the city. An insurance policy is also required with a permit. One merchant who had looked into these costs told the Westside Pioneer the insurance policy especially seemed very expensive.
       Lewis said Code Enforcement makes an effort to talk to anyone who is found in violation (or at least to leave a note), explaining the law and how it works. The one sign was confiscated because the merchant stayed on the phone and wouldn't talk to the officer, he said.
       Representatives from Code Enforcement are scheduled to speak at the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) Jan. 12 meeting, starting at 7 p.m. at the West Intergenerational Center.

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