COBWEB CORNERS: Street names, again

By Mel McFarland

       Here we are again. This time I have a few name changes that did not work! I found a 1905 article on a city official who was proposing to change a few street names. As the town grew, it would overtake surrounding towns, but this was not the case here, yet! In any case, this man wanted Colorado City to make some of its street names conform to Colorado Springs names. On the other hand, Colorado Springs would adopt some Colorado City names in return.
       It seems there was no planning commission, or building department rules on street names. There are still a few odd numbers of the streets with the same or similar names to confuse the post office, taxi drivers, police and others who look for people and places.
       This official's plan to change Huerfano to Colorado Avenue would eventually take hold, also changing Washington to Pikes Peak Avenue, Lincoln to Kiowa Street, and so on up to Platte Avenue. The big challenge was Colorado City's numbered streets. It was proposed to turn Sawatch into First Street, Sierra Madre into Second, but once you get across the creek it becomes a real mess. If you are familiar with the area north of Colorado, west of the interstate and for about 8 blocks north, some of the streets do not line up. As the term goes, you jog a bit, and I do not mean running. Also to confound the problem, Eighth street then was fourteen blocks west of Cascade, where the 0 hundred block starts. That goes back to the first stake driven in Colorado Springs at Cascade and Pike's Peak.
       Between Monument Creek and Colorado City's Limit there were many problems to sort out. It would take over 12 years to sort out half of it. It has taken, still, some 90 more years to sort out others. We have more stories for this line of conversation, but today we will stop on this one here.
       So, on this set of street name changes, the city council decided to go to an expert to sort things out. The city sent a group out to visit General Palmer for his ideas, since he was instrumental in naming the Colorado Springs streets. But Colorado City turned down these selections at this time. Most of the Colorado Springs names did not change right away either.