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Letter: Dismayed about loss of city panhandling laws

       I hope the city and county can find a way to stop or control this problem [see Westside Pioneer article "Mayor, council grapple with proposed laws that avoid singling out panhandlers"], posted on the Westside Pioneer website Jan. 16, 2016]. I rarely go downtown, but I really dislike having to deal with this problem at grocery stores and on busy street intersections.
       Cimarron and I-25 is getting really bad. Add in the construction and you have a dangerous intersection. It's difficult to keep an eye on traffic, traffic lights and panhandlers.
       One of the homeless people parked their bike/cart on the eastbound side of Cimarron in the road. The litter that they leave at these intersections is really bad too.
       It seems really bad on weekends. Today it was exceptionally bad, with two to three people on each side of the road on both sides of the interstate.
       I wish people would quit giving them money. Maybe they would move on.

       Kim Shafer

(Posted 1/17/16; Opinion: Letters)

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