Bijou project underway

       With the Bijou Street bridge over I-25 already gone, crews with COSMIX contractor Rockrimmon Constructors were working this week on the segments over Monument Creek and the railroad tracks.
       Meanwhile, traffic in both directions has now moved from the interstate in that area to a short, recently constructed four-lane bypass where Bijou’s southbound on/off-ramps used to be.
       These are key recent developments in the Bijou Street bridge replacement project, which started Jan. 3.
       Bill Badger of Rockrimmon Constructors said this week that despite weather problems work is on schedule. Moving vehicles onto the bypass could even speed things up – by letting crews work on the bridge day and night – but time will tell how much, he said.
       The project, including a wider, prettier new bridge and ramps, is scheduled for completion by October.
       Plans call for the rest of the old bridge to be down within about two weeks.
       In the meantime, traffic is finding alternate crosstown routes, with backups at certain times of the day on Colorado Avenue, the Cimarron Avenue bridge (reduced to two lanes since August as it awaits its replacement this year) and the interstate. But no serious problems have been reported, nor any major accidents, Badger said.

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