Call to preserve Bock bomb shelter
       The Westside/Colorado City has been the seat of county government and the capital of Colorado. It has been a hub for industry and agriculture and entertainment. It has been both rollicking and righteous. We are interested in the Westside's history and proud of it.
       From the cabin in Bancroft Park to the Templeton Building to the Midland Roundhouse, the Westside's historic buildings give us a concrete link to the Westside's history, to the collective experience of those who created our community, in a way which neither text nor pictures nor drama ever could. The Westside's historic buildings are also vitally important to the
       Westside's economy.
       A unique part of the Westside's architectural heritage with significant educational value for future generations is threatened with imminent destruction by the City of Colorado Springs. We should not let this happen!
       With the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) inside Cheyenne Mountain and with the Air Force Academy, the Pikes Peak region had a very important role in the nation's Cold War Era history. But the Cold War Era was more than big government defense installations. It was also private citizens gravely concerned about their ability to survive a nuclear attack and devoting their resources to their survival potential. Perhaps the only private Cold War Era shelter which will ever be publicly owned in the region, the only local private Cold War Era shelter which could ever be available for informing future generations, is the Bock Bomb Shelter in Red Rock Canyon.
       Currently, demolition of the Bock Bomb Shelter is planned in conjunction with the conversion of the former Bock residence into an open-air pavilion. Work could begin in just a few months. When the Red Rock Canyon Committee was working to preserve Red Rock Canyon, its website featured a “No Bulldozer” symbol. Now, it is time for us to contact our public officials, City Council and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and let them know that it is time to tell the Parks Department, “The bulldozer stops here.”
       ... And, if you would be willing to help generate support for preservation of the Bock Bomb Shelter, please get in touch with me at: spiderwort@pcisys.net.

Don Ellis