Salute to city workers’ efforts in blaze
       To the members of the Colorado Springs Fire Department, Police Department, and Utilities:
       Heroes are people who rise to the occasion and slip away quietly.
       - Tom Brokaw
       When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and on Saturday, Jan. 5, the Colorado Springs Fire and Police departments did just this. For hours on end, the firefighters worked in unison to combat the vicious flames that engulfed Johnson Heating and Plumbing. The amount of courage, strength, and passion these firefighters put into their work came shining through as they overcame one of Mother Nature's strongest forces. The men and women had no time to stop - not for food or a break - working for hours on end to keep the community safe from harm, and for this we thank them. Never have we witnessed such an act of courage and bravery. So, to the men and women of the Colorado Springs Fire and Police departments, we thank you. You are all truly heroes in the eyes of the community.
       But the teamwork did not stop when the fire was put out, but rather it was carried on into the night. Members of Colorado Springs Utilities had the task of repairing the downed power pole. Unfortunately, for them, it was not until 10:30 p.m. that they were able to begin working. With the sun down, the wind and cold weather began to set in, but the workers did not let this affect them. As the trucks turned night back into day, the workers were diligent. Every one of them had a task to complete and they strived to accomplish it in a timely manner; not once did they stop. The amount of work that goes into one single power pole is unbelievable. These workers are often unrecognized by the public for all the hard work they do, but their efforts that night proved that is how we are all connected!

Many Thanks,
Bradley Excavating, Inc.