COSMIX: Nothing broken for glass business

       City Glass used to be the second closest business to I-25 on West Colorado Avenue. After the interstate widening for the COSMIX project - the major construction on which has been completed - City Glass is now the closest.
       The longtime Near Westside business felt impacts from the very start of COSMIX in 2005, when Rockrimmon Constructors, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) contractor for COSMIX, used a temporary easement across City Glass property to remove what had been the closest building - a structure that had housed Drive-In Liquors (since relocated to Spruce and Bijou streets). Starting in the fall of 2006, Rockrimmon crews worked almost daily to widen the I- 25 bridge over the avenue from four to six lanes. Then, in the last several weeks of 2007, sidewalk work in the area was ongoing.
       But in the end, the company reportedly survived the project without even a project-caused breakage of glass.
       The Westside Pioneer asked Jim Davidson, City Glass president, to tell what the experience was like. His written report appears below:
       “Surprisingly enough, the construction right outside our doors did not hurt us too badly! From day one, CDOT, Rockrimmon Constructors, Sema Construction, COSMIX and the city of Colorado Springs were very helpful in working with us to accomodate most of our business needs. They were very up-front about all the obstacles that we would encoun-ter along the way, asked for our input continually and made every effort to help us as they could. Yes, a small portion of our Spruce Street property was taken for easement, but in return, they are going to pave an area where Drive-In Liquors once stood and allow us to park our vehicles on that parcel.
       “The worst problem was the loss of our Spruce Street driveway and access to westbound Colorado Avenue. Now that the project is nearly complete, COSMIX has made the alley behind our business open to Spruce on the east end. We weathered the obstacles and are soon to be free of any construction activity!
       “Overall, our 2007 business is down about 20 percent from 2006. However, we can probably only blame the COSMIX project for 10 percent of that loss as walk- in trade, simply due to the fact that it was difficult for customers to get in and out of our business. Being in the same location for so many years was probably our saviour. Most of our business is from repeat customers, who knew that we weren't closed or moving to another location. The Westside has been a very good location over the last 40-plus years of our 57-year existence.”
       “All in all, I am pleased with the effort made by COSMIX and surprised that our business was not impacted any worse than it was. The widening of I-25 through central Colorado Springs was very necessary... Now, if they could only finish the Cimarron mess!”

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