Texas-created Rudy’s restaurant, 4 new storage buildings proposed southeast of 31st and Hwy 24

       Two developments have recently been proposed on opposite sides of Ore Mill Road, near 31st Street and Highway 24.
       The more prominent of the two is a Rudy's restaurant - also including a gift store and gas station. A chain that started in Texas, Rudy's has not previously put a restaurant in Colorado, according to the locations list on the company website.
       The buildings on the site would take up about 6,500 square feet, surrounded by a 43-space parking lot and landscaping north of Ore Mill, according to plans submitted in December to City Planning. The land, which has belonged to the Craddock Companies, is being sold to Rudy's, according to Matt Craddock. The legal name being used for the project submittal is High Country Holdings LLC.
       South of Ore Mill Road, Craddock Companies is proposing the Midland Greens Self-Storage, which would consist of four buildings totaling 23,960 square feet on 1.59 acres. Such a development would continue an existing “mixture of office, warehouse, manufacturing and self storage buildings” along the south side of Ore Mill, according to the Craddock “project statement” submitted to Planning
       The two projects together would fill in the last of the major undeveloped spaces on Ore Mill Road, which is actually a private drive between 31st and St. Anthony Street (off 26th Street).
       Ryan Tefertiller of City Planning said the two projects will be considered in conjunction with each other, “but I don't envision there being any conflicts between the two or any issues such as drainage or traffic that would be of concern cumulatively.”
       He added that he is just getting started reviewing the projects, so it would be “premature to comment on the chances of approval.”
       Asked if there were any potential conflict with future plans by the Colorado Department of Transporta-tion (CDOT) for a widened 31st Street intersection as part of an envisioned Highway 24 expansion, Tefertiller said he did not think any of CDOT's alternatives “had any impacts on the south side of the highway at this location.”

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