Old Colorado City sets ice sculpture event Jan. 17-18

       Seiko Tran hopes that the weather on the weekend of Jan. 17-18 will be “cold, but not so as to freeze everybody's tail off.”
       The lead marketer for the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) merchants group has a logical reason for this climate preference: That's the weekend of the OCCA's first-ever Ice on the Avenue event.
       Featuring ice sculptures and related promotions, activities will mainly focus on the Old Town Plaza parking lot, at 25th Street and Colorado Avenue, where a tented “beer garden” will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days and four large pieces of ice art will be carved outside, Tran explained.
       Inside the beer garden, live bands will play, and beer and wine will be sold, he added. Elsewhere in Old Colorado City, in front of businesses that were willing to pay an extra cost, ice carvings will also be made and displayed.
       “It's kind of dead down here in January, so we wanted to give people a chance to get away from the winter doldrums,” Tran said. He described the theme as “art, ice and ambience.” The idea is to make the event annual.
       To allow space for some vendors, 25th Street between the avenue and Cucharras Street will be closed off.
       Most of the carving will take place Saturday, Jan. 17, with the 18th being a display day, Tran said.
       The ice will be delivered in blocks of 300 pounds each. Some sculptures will consist of just one block, while in larger sculptures the carvers will combine blocks, Tran said.
       The carving will be performed by artists from Colorado Ice Sculptures, a Denver-based business.
       Two corporate sponsors are covering the major Ice on the Avenue expenses: Comcast and Coors Light.
       In other OCCA news… On Jan. 17, the merchant group will also kick off a new radio advertising campaign: “OMG, Where's Old Colorado City?” The ads will use humor and prizes to address a perceived ignorance by many people in the region about the location (the commercial area around the avenue between about 24th and 27th streets) and nature of Old Colorado City, Tran said.

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