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Letter: A thank you for the printed Pioneer and encouragement going forward

       Thank you for providing us with 10 wonderful years of Westside news that covered topics no one else was writing about. While researching my book, “History in Stone,” I drew frequently on the excellent reporting you did on that timely and timeless historic subject. Moreover, I shall remain eternally grateful for the photographs you took of Red Rock Canyon and relevant activities, which you generously permitted me to use in my book. In addition, the story you wrote about my book gave it a much- needed boost. Finally, both my husband Kent and I were grateful for the lovely story you wrote about Kent's dad, Don Obee, when he passed away a few years back. Newspapers can remind us of who we are and help us to tell ours stories. Yours certainly did just that!
       The news you gave readers was frequently about the efforts made by citizens at the grassroots level and in cases where they responded to an identifiable need by taking action, thus helping to preserve the truly unique character of Old Colorado City and its mountain setting. The Fourth Estate, as we know, is vital to the promotion of the democratic process, and it was refreshing to read editorials that had the temerity and gumption to actually question some of the decisions and actions taken by our locally elected officials and erstwhile civic leaders.
       It was interesting to read the account of your daily schedule in putting out a weekly edition of The Pioneer. Blood, sweat and tears, no doubt about it! And I thought it was neat (or should I say "cool") that this was also a purely family enterprise -- in short, Hercules multiplied by four.
       Thank you again for helping to keep us informed and best of luck in your brave new enterprise.

       Ruth Obee