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Letters: Kind words from our readers

       A few weeks before our last print edition Dec. 19, we asked readers if they wanted to be on an e-mail list to get notified of significant articles after the Westside Pioneer went online.
       Happily, we received a great response to that request, along with many unsolicited kind words. Here are some samples:
       “Thanks for 10 wonderful years in print! Looking forward to the online info.” - Tom & Georgia Thompson
       “You launched your paper about the same time that we got settled in after our move to Colorado Springs, and you have helped us find lots of great activities to attend and an understanding of the construction projects that we see around here. We will look forward to continuing that benefit of your efforts.” - Larry Ritterband
       “First of all, I want to say that we just love your newspaper! I am sure it was a difficult decision to go electronic but sounds like a wise move. Please add this address to an email list for notifications, etc. Thanks!!!!” - Jane Wilson & Konnie Davidson
       “Just want to encourage you on your new project. I thank you for the last 10 years you have been in print and look forward to your online Westside Pioneer.” - Melinda Goodyear
       “I enjoy reading about west side events in your newspaper and hope going to the new format will help you to continue the newspaper. Thank you.” - Kay Stoneking
       “I would very much like to be put on the e-mail notification list, so we can receive the Pioneer online. We really enjoy reading the Westide Pioneer.” - Connie Bradshaw
       “Please include us on your email list. We have always enjoyed your honest reporting.” - Jerry & Joy Nelson
       “Thank you for the work that you do for our neighborhood, and good luck with the transition. “ - Joyce Cheney
       “This will be cool - a way to keep in touch with our news when we are away from our homes and can't put our hands on a print edition. Best of luck with this, Kenyon and Therese. I'm still with you after all these (print) years, and grateful that you'll continue to report the news, and give it to us straight!” - Vickie Pacheco
       “My heart sank when I saw you were having to discontinue the print edition of the Westside Pioneer. While I know you will continue to publish a successful and profitable digital edition, it is not the same as good, old-fashioned, get-my-fingers-dirty, ink on newsprint. Best wishes to you in this new phase of our career!” - David Engstrom
       “I enjoy reading your articles and will do so online after January 1.” - Beverly Weaver
       “Good luck with the new venture!” - Patti Freudenburg
       “I live in Manitou Springs and appreciate the information that you share with the whole Westside.” - Norma Garbani
       “Please add me to your list. And just a note to say how much you are appreciated on Westside. Many disappointed people about the disappearance of the printed edition.” - Roberta Loa
       “Sorry to see the printed editions go. I've saved every paper I've ever picked up.” - Lois Miller
       “Have enjoyed the print version for years, being a subscriber, and look forward to the online edition as well!” - Paul Kavanaugh
       “You can't get rid of us that easily - we look forward to keeping up with Westside news online! Thank you!” - Betty and John Haney.

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