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Parent/community team to help choose new Coronado principal

       Coronado has begun the process of recruiting a volunteer team of parents and community members to serve on the interview panel for the school's next principal.
       The panel's input will be considered along with inputs from school staff and student committees, by District 11 School Superintendent Nick Gledich, who will make the final decision.
        The person hired will lead the school starting in August. The current principal is Marcia Landwehr, who had started at Coronado as an assistant principal in 2004 and was made the school's principal last August. A Westside Pioneer interview with Principal Landwehr can be found here.
       The parent/community team, consisting of volunteers who responded to a school request last week, is scheduled to meet three times, starting Jan. 16. Interviews with three to seven candidates are slated at Coronado Feb. 27.

Westside Pioneer/press release
(Posted 1/7/14; updated 1/14/14)