Ramp, pad installations on Route 14

       The first part of a project to add pedestrian ramps and bus stop pads along Mountain Metro Transit's Route 14 is “about 80 percent complete,” according to Bill Bottini, construction coordinator for the city-owned service.

A map shows Bus Route 14. Most of the contracted ramp/pad upgrade work has been done on the Westside portion of the route, south of Garden of the Gods Road.
Courtesy of Mountain Metro

       Started last year, the current improvements have chiefly been along Route 14's Westside portion, including Spruce, Walnut and Chestnut streets through the Near Westside, Mesa Springs and Holland Park. The $96,000 contract with CMS Inc. is building 40 pedestrian ramps, 45 pads (averaging 90 square feet in size) and a total of 350 square feet of sidewalk infill, Bottini said.
       Funded with federal and state grants, the budget for the work is part of an overall $165,000 Route 14 ramps/pads project (which also includes inspections and material testing). The remaining work (along Garden of the Gods Road, Centennial and Austin Bluffs Parkway) will be bid out separately, Bottini said.
       A simultaneous Route 14 project, also using the grant money, will improve stops on either side of Garden of the Gods Road, near the private road into the Corporate Ridge Administration Building (formerly Intel), where El Paso County is moving some of its offices (including the Department of Human Services). Part of the project will be a crosswalk, with a “detectable signal” to help blind pedestrians know when it's safe to cross Garden of the Gods Road, Bottini said.
       The shelters themselves will be provided by Lamar Outdoor Advertising at no extra charge as part of an existing contract which allows Lamar to advertise inside them. Expected to be installed Jan. 14, the shelters that will be used are actually being relocated from a Mountain Metro route that was discontinued as a result of the 2010 budget cuts, he said.

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