2 in District 3 City Council race... but not the incumbent
Paige decides to run for at-large post instead

       Sean Paige, the incumbent District 3 City Councilmember, has decided not to defend his seat in the April 5 election.

Restoring the Elvis wig he wore for the occasion, Sean Paige exults in the first time he hit the water after volunteering for a dunk tank last March to raise money for the Westside Community Center. Fellow councilmember Tom Gallagher also took a turn at the event.
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       Instead, “at the urging of family, friends and supporters from a cross-section of the city,” he will run for one of the four at-large council seats, he revealed in a written statement Jan. 5.
       Paige had been appointed to the District 3 position in October 2009 when Jerry Heimlicher (who was elected in April 2009) stepped down because he was moving from the area.
       Paige's decision leaves the District 3 race to two candidates who have filed papers with the city - recently term-limited state legislator Michael Merrifield and civic volunteer Lisa Czelatdko. (see story, Page 1)
       “District 3 is my home and will continue to be of special importance to me,” Paige's statement reads. “But the solutions and ideas I have championed also have broader, city-wide appeal, based on the feedback I've received. An at-large run will allow me to take my positive, freedom-oriented vision for Colorado Springs - what I call the 'Freedom City plan' - to every corner of the city.” A related goal for Paige, a political writer who describes himself as an “accidental and reluctant politician,” is “making Colorado Springs the most business-friendly and opportunity-oriented city in the country, with a grow-our-own economic development strategy focused on clearing away obstacles and nurturing entrepreneurship and free enterprise,” he said.
       The at-large seat would be for four years. District 3 is for two years, to finish out the remainder of Heimlicher's original four-year term.
       In his time on council, Paige had probably his greatest impact on the Westside during the 2009 budget process, when he managed to convince the council majority to fund the Westside Community Center and the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site for three months into 2010, giving their supporters more time to raise money and/or find private funding partners. Both entities found success as a result and still remain in operation.

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